PC and Laptop repair
Virus removal, PC service and tune-up (speed it up!) £40
Upgrade install (Graphics card, WiFi etc) £25
Diagnose & Repair (if work is undertaken) £50
Data transfer – to another computer or backup device – £25
New PC or laptop setup – £30

Insurance estimate or report £30

Laptop specific repairs
Please note, all laptop prices are typical price, price can vary

Inverter replacement (backlight) £40
TFT LCD or LED screen replacement (New) From £65
TFT LCD screen replacement From £60 – (Pre owned screen)
Power supply replacement from £20
Power socket repair with socket replacement £50

Tablet repair

Hudl 1 power socket – £25

Hudl 2 power socket – £40


GHD / Cloud9 Straightener repair
Cable fault £20
Any other faults £30

Price list current current as of 31/07/2015

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