laptop repair, power socket, broken screen, motherboard

Hardware Problems we can fix plus many more:

power socket repair

working on a laptop

  • Fix broken laptop DC Power socket
  • Replace damaged LCD LED screen, inverter board or backlight
  • Bad AC Adapter or power not working properly
  • Laptop hard disk Boot Failure.
  • Random shut downs. Under the laptop getting too hot.
  • Broken Laptop Casing, Latches Etc.
  • Bad notebook motherboard or fan
  • Broken LCD Or Cracked Laptop Display
  • Stripes On Laptop LCD screen
  • Battery Charging Issues.
  • Laptop Fan not working.
  • Broken Keyboard And Mouse Pad Issues.
  • CD RW or DVD Drive. not working
  • Fix broken hinges on laptop
  • MacBook Grey screen error

laptop repair