• Samsung 355V – Not booting to Windows
    Problem diagnosed as faulty hard drive, recovered user data, replaced hard drive, installed Windows 8 & software
  • Kindle fire HDX 7 – Broken screen
    Replaced Digitiser LED LCD display panel (Combined unit)
  • Toshiba Tecra R580 – slow, internet popups, search engines & homepage changed
    Carried out ‘Service & Tuneup’, removed malware optimised & tuned for performance
  • Acer V5-531P – Corruption on display, only shows half of screen
    Had to replace complete touchscreen & LCD LED panel as it was a bonded unit.
  • GHD MK4.2 – broken arm
    Replaced broken arm, de-scaled heaters
  • Playstation 4 – No power after tripping out electrics
    A slug had slid into the power supply, shorting out & blowing itself up, replaced power supply & buried slug.
  • Stone – Clevo laptop – Damaged power socket, not charging.
    Replaced power socket / jack
  • Acer Travelmate B113 / V1VCC – broken screen
    Replaced 11.6″ LED LCD screen panel
  • Apple iMac i5 – Hard drive upgrade to SSD
    Removed Hard drive, fitted 512GB SSD, imaged previous install from Hard drive to SSD
  • Lenovo B50-30 – Slow running, printer not working on Windows 8
    Cleaned & tuned system during a ‘Service & Tuneup‘, installed printer using legacy drivers
  • Custom gaming PC Build
    Designed & built a gaming PC to the customers budget, gave the customer a choice of light up Gaming cases, Illuminated gaming keyboard & mouse set, PC build to run Call of Duty, Minecraft, Star wars Battlefront & live streaming.