Windows 10 is released!

My advice is to wait a while, so people in the trade (like me) can get some feedback as to how the upgrades are going.

For a system that has been running for a while, or is running Windows 7, it’s a big change for the system and it won’t always go smoothly, or successfully, so make sure you’ve backed up all your data and know where to find your extra software & license keys for pro as Microsoft office, printer software etc just in case the worst happens & the system fails to boot after, it’s a small chance, but best to be prepared!

Who gets it for free?
Devices with GENUINE Windows 7 & 8.1 that is fully updated will get the upgrade for free. People with XP, Vista or non genuine Windows installed would need to buy it, it’s £80+

Can I install it?
Yes, if you have the notification in the task bar (by the clock) that it’s ready to install then I can prepare for & oversee the upgrade, if it goes wrong or needs some work after then it will be taken care of for you, that would be done during a ‘service & tune up’ for £40



Windows 10 upgrade gloucester

We can install the Windows 10 upgrade on your PC , Gloucester or Cheltenham