The Windows 8 fish, is he the new tablet?

American media website The Wrap has reported that Microsoft will be unveiling a tablet to rival the iPad on Monday.

An individual with knowledge of the company has told The Wrap that Microsoft’s secret event, which is scheduled for Monday June 18th in L.A., will reveal its entry into the tablet market with its own branded device.

Rumours have it that the device will run Windows RT, a tablet-specific version of Windows 8. It is also said to include its own Windows Store to rival the App Store, as well as supportive screen technology ‘SmartGlass’.

The ‘reveal’ will take place on Monday 18th June 2012 at 11:30pm BST.

Story courtesy of PC Retail mag

YGF view:

This would certainly make a lot of sense when you consider Microsoft’s recent work with Nokia, Windows 8, ARM support and the recently announced ‘Smart Glass’  feature for the Xbox 360, put them all together & what do you get? ..