User profile service failed the logon error message, 7 jobs altogether

This error seems quite common this past month with users reporting that the last time they used the laptop it shut down and was installing updates, the next time they tried to logon they were greeted with this error message. Sometimes people are able to login by using ‘Safe mode’ only to find their data and personalisations missing.

Not to fear though, this problem can be repaired and all data and customisations returned, I do this repair under my PC tuneup & service charge of just £40. While in for the repair I’ll also check for hardware problems and give the PC or laptop a good service to make it nice and quick again

6 damaged hard drives, just this week!

Mostly, the computers wouldn’t start due to corrupt files cause by phsyical damage to the hard drive, on one occasion the drive had failed completely, making loud ‘clanking’ sounds when it was switched on, all data unfortunatly was lost in this case so please make sure you’ve backed up your files as you never know what can happen! The other laptops I was able to retrieve all their data and transfer everything to a new hard drive

2 x PS3 BluRay drive replacements