Ahh, it’s a new week and a new set of jobs here at Your Geek Friend HQ. I’m always one to take on new challenges, new devices to repair, new techniques and skills.

Our homes and businesses are now filled with technology, our lives have changed , the way we work and the way we socialise has changed more over the past few years than ever before but what happens when things go wrong? who do we turn to? sure if it’s under warranty then we go back to the shop we bought it from and face the uncomfortable position of being questioned about the problem, feeling they’re going to question you as to whether you have caused the problem. Out of warranty it’s an even bigger minefield, it seems like everyone is getting in on the act, from the 16 year old that is ‘good with computers’ to the supermarkets and big chain stores where, if you’re lucky you won’t be sent off to phone a helpline.

What I’m trying to achieve is to be a centre point for your home technology needs, sure I repair any problems with Computers but I also fix gaming devices and iPods and if I can’t fix your problem, I’ll find you someone who can, who knows what they are doing and charges a fair price.

We’re all feeling the financial pinch right now and it seems worse is yet to come so why not have your equipment repaired with pre-owned, used parts? it saves money, comes with warranty too and can even help reduce the impact on the environment by recycling parts that others don’t need. Speaking of recycling, did you know I can also take your old kit away? Parts that can be used will be saved for use as spares, parts that cant be used will be stripped down and taken for certified recycling in a proper, environmentally friendly way.

Anyway, enough of my Monday morning rant, I have work to do, feel free to ask any questions about what I’ve said above, if you feel you can help in any way then get in touch


Speak soon