Computer Repair

After examining your computer, I will carry out a full investigation and diagnostic check and suggest a solution, which I can either carry out or return your computer to you unchanged. You will be quoted a fixed fee for this service, protecting you from hourly charges.

Relatively straightforward faults can normally be solved within 24 hours, but occasionally I may require the computer for longer, especially in the case of intermittent faults or awaiting parts.

No fix, no fee. If I can’t suggest a solution, you may collect your computer with no fee payable.

No obligation to have any further work carried out. If additional fees, parts or software are required to fix your computer and you decide you don’t want to have your PC fixed after the initial diagnostic service, you may collect it for no further charge.

– I am happy to investigate Laptop problems, but cannot offer “no-fix, no-fee” guarantee. This is due to the nature of Laptop computers and the limited availability of spares.