Well, it’s Xmas day and this years disappointment is that many of the people trying out their shiny new tech toys are being greeted by error messages when they try to connect to the internet.

In my own experience, we have an Arnova (by Archos) which won’t connect to its app store called Applib, instead giving an error message that this application is down for maintenance! Without Appslib, the Arnova 10  can’t download any of the thousands of apps available for Android, of course this wouldn’t have happened if Archos had left the Android market app on the device!

Secondly,I myself was given a Mio SatNav which is in fact designed by Garmin, similarly When I try to connect the PC app to the Mio servers to download new maps and updates it just tells me it can’t communicate to the Mio network.

It’s extremely frustrating when the manufacturers themselves don’t forsee the extra demand over the Christmas period and increase their network bandwidth, Shame on you!

UPDATE: You can download the latest Facebook app for your Archos Arnova Android below

CLICK HERE to Download official facebook app for Archos Arnova Android tablet without appslib