FBI Virus DNS shutdown 9th July 2012The FBI will shut down the temporary servers they put up after they closed down servers used by cyber criminals to redirect users web pages to hijacked search pages.

There’s estimated to be 20,000 or so UK users that still have the virus and will therefore lose internet connection when the servers are shut down, in the scheme of things this is a relatively small amount and if these users had up to date internet security then the problem would have been dealt with long ago.

You can check your own status on the link below, this will tell you if your internet is being routed through the rogue  servers (now FBI controlled) and if you will lose connection when the servers are closed, the second link is to Avast Antivirus, which would have saved you the worry had it been installed, there’s a free version too which is very good.

http://www.dns-ok.lu/ <- server check

http://goo.gl/Q222T <- Avast, my personal favourite security software, also has a free version